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What Type of Articles Are You Looking For?

Vita Brevis is looking for high-quality guests posts about poetry — in general. Come write for us! Maybe you want to send in a review of a new poetry collection or chapbook, introduce our readers to an underrated poet (new or old), write a unique how-to, or just discuss something interesting regarding your journey into poetry. Anything goes, so long as it’s really good.

What Do I Get Out of It?

With a loyal and rapidly growing readership, our writers will enjoy laser-focused exposure to a community of emerging and established poets. This is perfect for poets who want to get their name out there or publicize their own work.

What Are the Guidelines?

(1) Guest posts should be around 500 – 1,000 words long, but I can make an exception if you have something more ambitious in mind.
(2) Ideally, you’ll pitch the guest post before you write it. That way you don’t waste your time only to have it turned down.


This should take about 5 minutes.

How to Submit a Guest Post to Vita Brevis

  1. Compose an email to: briangeiger@vitabrevisliterature.com

    Please make the subject line “Guest Post Submission”

  2. Include the Following Information to Write for Us:

    1) An author/pen name
    2) A short bio (written in third person) between 30 – 60 words
    3) Pitch your article, however you see fit. Just let me know what you want to cover,
    4) Provide a few previous publications or unpublished writing samples (links, .docx, or PDF are fine). If you don’t have these, please write up a couple hundred words of the article so I can see your style (in a .docx or PDF)

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