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Vita Brevis Press is a bestselling small publisher dedicated to emerging and established poets, circulating their work in an online magazine and in physical anthologies. Vita Brevis Poetry Magazine publishes some of the best emerging poets out there, pairing their work with tonally relevant artwork.

Vita Brevis Press has published two #1 bestselling new-release poetry anthologies. The first anthology, Pain & Renewal, explores the highs and lows of the human experience. The second anthology, Brought to Sight & Swept Away, explores the many faces of time. A third anthology is forthcoming.

Founder & Editor: Brian Geiger

Vita Brevis Editor
Brian Geiger (GoodReads)

From Pulitzer-prize winners to emerging poets, I’ve had the privilege of meeting plenty of incredible people through Vita Brevis. For many submitters, Vita Brevis is their first professional publication. With thousands of readers and two bestselling anthologies under our belt, the Vita Brevis community is here to stay. Interested in submitting work? Visit the Poetry Submission page.”

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If you need to reach out about questions, opportunities, or anything else, just shoot me an email:

  • Email briangeiger@vitabrevisliterature.com with “Contact” as the subject.
  • If you need to withdraw poems, do not contact me here. Reply to your existing poetry submission email. Do not create a new email.

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