Terms & Conditions

By submitting to Vita Brevis, you’re agreeing to our terms and conditions, listed below. They are subject to change, so keep checking in:

(i.) By submitting your work, you are allowing us to disseminate it on any Vita Brevis-affiliated site, as well as re-publish it at our discretion if we choose it for an Editor’s Choice Award.
(ii.) Upon acceptance, you are allowing us to use the author name (be it a username, real name, or pen name) you provided in your submission email, along with the link (if any) that you included to your personal or professional website.
(iii.) You are solely responsible for any of your submissions and any consequences of submitting them to Vita Brevis. You may submit work previously published on your own blog. If it has been published by any other outlet, it is up to you to contact them to ensure that you are allowed to submit it to us.

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