Terms & Conditions

By submitting to Vita Brevis, you’re agreeing to our terms and conditions, listed below. These are subject to change, so check in whenever you have a new submission ready:

(1) If you send a poem/article previous featured in Vita Brevis to another publication, please acknowledge that it was first published by us.

(2) We may re-publish the poem/article at our discretion if we choose it for an Editor’s Choice Award. Also, we use our favorite poems in hardcover and digital anthologies, but you will be contacted if we ever want to use your content.

(3) You are responsible for any of your submissions and any consequences of submitting them to Vita Brevis — especially if they have already been published by another outlet. We use the honor system here, so please be honest.

(4) Poems will be published exactly as they appear in the PDF file or email –unless there are clearly unintentional grammatical mistakes.

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