Vita Brevis publishes poetry. Submissions may be in any style or format, so long as they do not exceed 250 words. For now, we accept pieces you’ve previously published on your own blog, but this won’t always be the case.


We want poems with a good balance between style and substance–great philosophical undertones without any of the pretension or cliche. (Subtlety is key here). Read our About page to get a deeper understanding of what this means. We just want high-quality work worthy of analysis.

We tend to favor structured, classic, and existentially-influenced works above abstract, post-modern ones. However, any piece that shows a keen understanding of the beauty of art and the finiteness of the human endeavor will have a significant fighting chance. That’s our style, not our requirement.

We want return submitters; if you got accepted, we really want you back!


We’ll tell you if you’re accepted. However, if we decide not to publish your piece, we simply won’t respond. (It may sound rude, but we don’t have time to respond to every submission, and we don’t want to just send you a “no” if we actually enjoyed it!)

Don’t feel bad; we’re really tough on submissions! If you get no response but really think your piece deserves a second look–we urge you to send it in again!

One day, we can pay you for your work–help us get there!
[UPDATE: that day has come–check out our paid competitions]

Flower Market at La Madeleine


By submitting to Vita Brevis, you’re agreeing to our terms and conditions. It is your duty to read them over and contact us if you are at all confused as to what they entail. The terms and conditions as of today are listed below (they are subject to change, so keep checking in!):

(i.) By submitting your work, you are allowing us to disseminate it via publication and promotion on any Vita Brevis-affiliated sites. (We just have WordPress right now. But in the event that we create a social media account, such would be an example of another affiliated site.)
(ii.) Upon acceptance, you are allowing us to use the author name (be it a username, real name, or pen name) you provided on your work, along with the link (if any) you included to publicize your site.
(iii.) You are solely responsible for any of your submissions and any consequences of submitting them to Vita Brevis–all work must be your own. For now, you may submit work previously published on your own blog. If it has been published by any other, it is up to you to contact them to ensure that you are allowed to submit it to us.



Compose an email to:

Make the subject line: General Submission

Include: (1) an author/pen name, (2) a link to your site or blog, if you want to publicize it, (3) the title of your submission, (4) up to five poems in a single PDF attachment, (5) tell us if you’d like your submissions to be considered for our poetry competition (if there is one open during the month of your submission)

Optional: (1) you can follow us via email or WordPress, (2) leave a thoughtful comment on one of our posts to support our poets, (3) or support the magazine by buying us a coffee here (we run entirely on donations, so it’s a big help)!

All done–now go write!


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