Poetry Journals with High Acceptance Rates for New Poets

(This is is outdated. See our list of poetry magazines with high acceptance rates or poetry magazines for established poets (much more selective)

If you’re just starting to put your poems out there, poetry journals with high acceptance rates are a good place to start. Getting your footing in approachable poetry journals like these can springboard you into grander opportunities.

Every week, Vita Brevis adds four of such journals to our growing list of approachable poetry magazines. (It’s well worth a bookmark!) Before you send off your submissions, make sure you read over my guide to poetry publication!

Here’s this week’s round-up:

Four Poetry Journals with High Acceptance Rates:

The Montucky Review

Acceptance Rate: 20-30%
+Small and Home-y!
Guidelines: Click Here

Right Hand Pointing

Acceptance Rate: 20-30%
+ Well Regarded
Guidelines: Click Here

Red Fez

Acceptance Rate: 30-35%
*Need an account to submit
Guidelines: Click Here

Danse Macabre

Acceptance Rate: 60-70%
+A lot of character!
Guidelines: Click Here

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