Experimental Poetry Magazines with High Acceptance Rates

The world of poetry publication is competitive, to say the least. If you’re new to all of this, then you’ll want to find your footing in more approachable outlets. But poets with more of a post-modern flair often struggle to find suitable publications for their work. That’s why I mad this short list of experimental poetry magazines with high acceptance rates!

This is a much shorter version of a larger index of approachable poetry publications, which grows larger every week (and is worth a bookmark)!

Here’s this week’s resource:

Experimental Poetry Magazines with High Acceptance Rates:


Acceptance Rate: 20-30%
Guidelines: Click Here


Acceptance Rate: 40-50%
Guidelines: Click Here


Acceptance Rate: 30-40%
Guidelines: Click Here

Jet Fuel Review

Acceptance Rate: 20-25%
Guidelines: Click Here



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