A List of Approachable Poetry Magazines (Average Acceptance Rate)

poetry magazines with average acceptance rates

(This is outdated. See our list of poetry magazines with high acceptance rates or poetry magazines for established poets (much more selective)

Once you get your work in a few laid-back publications, you should start looking into more competitive ones. The likelihood of rejection increases quite a bit here, but the advantages of publication do as well. So, here’s a list of picky but approachable poetry magazines:

[I’ve made the high-acceptance-rate list between 30-80%, this list between 15-30%, and a respected magazines list between 0.5-15%]

Of course, acceptance rates are estimates and are prone to change.

Page & Spine
Acceptance Rate: 15-18%
+ Pays for Poetry
Guidelines: Click Here

Three Line Poetry
Acceptance Rate: 27-30%
Guidelines: Click Here

Foliate Oak
Acceptance Rate: 25-30%
– A Bit Bloggy
Guidelines: Click Here

Leaves of Ink
Acceptance Rate: 20-24%
– A bit Bloggy
Guidelines: Click Here

Acceptance Rate: 29-30%
Guidelines: Click Here

Right Hand Pointing
Acceptance Rate: 20-25%
+ Well Regarded
Guidelines: Click Here

Jet Fuel Review
Acceptance Rate: 20-23%
– See Reading Period
Guidelines: Click Here

Acceptance Rate: 23-25%
– Post-modern tilt
Guidelines: Click Here

SUSAN / The Journal
Acceptance Rate: 22-30%
Guidelines: Click Here

Eunoia Review
Acceptance Rate: 25-29%
+ WordPress Powerhouse
Guidelines: Click Here

Stirring: A Literary Collective
Acceptance Rate: 20-26%
Guidelines: Click Here

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