A List of Approachable Poetry Magazines (Average Acceptance Rate)

poetry magazines with average acceptance rates

So, I’ve compiled a pretty long list of publications with high acceptance rates, but what about more exclusive poetry magazines?

Once you get your work in a few laid-back publications, you should start looking into more competitive ones. The likelihood of rejection increases quite a bit here, but the advantages of publication do as well. So, here’s a list of picky but approachable poetry magazines:

[I’ve made the high-acceptance-rate list between 30-80%, this list between 15-30%, and a respected magazines list between 0.5-15%]

Of course, acceptance rates are estimates and are prone to change.

*Bookmark this: The list will grow weekly!

Page & Spine
Acceptance Rate: 15-18%
+ Pays for Poetry
Guidelines: Click Here

Three Line Poetry
Acceptance Rate: 27-30%
Guidelines: Click Here

Foliate Oak
Acceptance Rate: 25-30%
– A Bit Bloggy
Guidelines: Click Here

Leaves of Ink
Acceptance Rate: 20-24%
– A bit Bloggy
Guidelines: Click Here

Acceptance Rate: 29-30%
Guidelines: Click Here

Right Hand Pointing
Acceptance Rate: 20-25%
+ Well Regarded
Guidelines: Click Here

Jet Fuel Review
Acceptance Rate: 20-23%
– See Reading Period
Guidelines: Click Here

Acceptance Rate: 23-25%
– Post-modern tilt
Guidelines: Click Here

SUSAN / The Journal
Acceptance Rate: 22-30%
Guidelines: Click Here

Eunoia Review
Acceptance Rate: 25-29%
+ WordPress Powerhouse
Guidelines: Click Here

Stirring: A Literary Collective
Acceptance Rate: 20-26%
Guidelines: Click Here


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