List of Poetry Magazines with High Acceptance Rates (2022)

List of Poetry Magazines with High Acceptance Rates (2021)

Updated for 2022: I’m proud to say that list has springboarded over a thousand poets into poetry magazines around the world. I never expected it to become this popular, but I’m glad it’s become such a valuable resource.


If you’re an unpublished poet, submitting your work to poetry magazines with high acceptance rates is a great way to get your name out there. I’ve created a list of these magazines to encourage emerging poets to enter the world of poetry publication.

Most of these publications don’t ask for reading fees, and all of them are respectable. Though “bloggy” and student-led publications are among the easiest poetry journals to get into, I urge poets to send their work in to magazines with a wider readership and higher editorial standards.

How do you find those? It’s pretty tough, so here’s a list of literary journals for new poets that has been vetted by a real poetry editor. Getting published in any of these is something to be proud of. They’re in no particular order, so have at it.

If your poetry gets published by a lot of these publications, then you’re ready to move up to the next tier; here are some respected poetry magazines that are much more selective. And if you’re looking for other ways to step into the professional world of poetry publication, check out my guide to starting a poetry blog on WordPress.

List of Poetry Magazines with High Acceptance Rates

Getting published in any of these poetry journals is something to be proud of. While they are selective, they aren’t as exclusive as a lot of higher-tier publications. This is a great sweet spot for emerging poets who want to publish their work in great magazines with editorial standards.

Also worth noting: these “high” acceptance rates are still pretty low. Poetry publications are tough to get into, especially if you’re submitting to high-quality magazines like these. Just remember to always submit your best work, and always follow the submission guidelines on each poetry publication’s website. Make sure you bookmark this list of literary journals with high acceptance rates.

Bateau PressSubmit
Black FoxSubmit
phoebe JournalSubmit
Valparaiso Poetry ReviewSubmit
Vita BrevisSubmit
Uppagus Submit
Literary Yard Submit
Scarlet Leaf Review Submit
The TowerSubmit
Ekphrastic ReviewSubmit
Jet Fuel ReviewSubmit
Firewords QuarterlySubmit
The Stinging FlySubmit
Cosmonauts AvenueSubmit
Passager BooksSubmit
Bayou MagazineSubmit
Spry Literary JournalSubmit
Right Hand PointingSubmit
Willow SpringsSubmit
The Daphne ReviewSubmit
Broad River ReviewSubmit
Newton LiterarySubmit
Susan / The JournalSubmit
Albion ReviewSubmit
Adirondack ReviewSubmit
Beltway PoetrySubmit
Looking for more? Try a list of selective poetry magazines

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