Anthology Update, Day 2

Day #2 Update

If you missed yesterday’s anthology announcement, you can find it here. Today, your poetry ranked as the #2 bestseller in the new release poetry anthology category!

I can’t thank the Vita Brevis community enough. This type of performance is what keeps Vita Brevis reading-fee free. Thanks for making poetry publication accessible to everyone, and for keeping this little publication running.

And congratulations on almost becoming bestselling poets — let’s get up to #1!

Quick Note to Contributing Poets

If you’re featured in this book, I encourage you to list it under your name on your Amazon Author page! Also, in case GoodReads librarians don’t add you as an author, feel free to make that suggestion. Congratulations on your publication, and thanks for contributing to the Vita Brevis community! Make sure you get the credit you deserve.

Let’s make this another bestseller!

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