What the Grieving Seek – A Poem by Ali Grimshaw

Territory – Rene Magritte

Submitted by Ali Grimshaw

you believe that saying the right thing
will dissolve the pain, that you should
know how to ascend the sunken

afloat in powerlessness without
the words to reach the aggrieved
restore their hearts to harmony

don’t be swallowed by your lacking
the right words never have been
what the grieving seek

sufficient is whole face listening
eyes intent to bridge being
ears strong enough to hear
without changing the subject

and you can do that
anyone can
make that choice

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13 thoughts on “What the Grieving Seek – A Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. Thought poem, and well-written as usual, Ali. Congrats on the feature. I like how you acknowledge that we all have pain and feel lost at times, and we can see that in others too. Anyone of us can take a moment to give the other person some time and let them be, let them speak, and we just be there listen and to not judge.

  2. What a profound poem and a golden advice. We all need a listening heart, one which does not judge. Empathy has been missing in lot of now these days.This poem reflect on the importance of having a compassionate heart.

  3. Your poem is well-written, spot-on, heartfelt, and beautiful, Ali. Congratulations on getting it published, and how wonderful for all of us to have these words of wisdom available.

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