Veneratus – A Poem by Renwick Berchild


Submitted by Renwick Berchild

How far and wide and constant I have longed
to be sub-atomic and unnoticed, to be of such diminutive size
I could slip into a crack, crawl the universe and
survive, break out slowly
as a sapling, from its seed,
and realize that I have arrived in the Unknown’s heart,
shimmied my particles up an artery,
tumbled into the chambers where the beats, beat,
where the life, lives,
I wish I could.

About the Poet

Renwick Berchild is an emerging poet. Her poems have appeared in The Stray Branch, The Machinery India, Lunaris Review, The Blue Nib, Ampersand Lit, Slink Chunk Press, Streetcake Mag and other e-zines, anthologies, and journals. She was born and raised on the angry northern shores of Lake Superior, and now lives in a micro-apartment in Seattle, WA. You can find her work and additional links at

Photo Credit: Rene Magritte – La voix des airs

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