Updates for the New Year

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that Vita Brevis is back up and running for the new year! I had to pause general publications for a few weeks while I was working on the anthology, but I’ve already filled up most of this month with incredible poetry.

So, here are a few updates about the status of the anthology, magazine, and your busy editor.

Update on VB Poetry Magazine

  • Where Did the Like Button Go? It’s gone! In an attempt to remove some of the bloggy-er features of Vita Brevis and encourage more thoughts and comments, I took off the like button. So far, this has only strengthened the community. You can still like posts through the Reader, but they won’t appear on the website itself
  • When Will We See More Poetry?: Right now. I already got two new poems up, and there are plenty on the way. You have a lot to look forward to — from Vita Brevis regulars and plenty of great newcomers.
  • When Will I Hear Back About My General Submission? If you haven’t heard back about your poetry, that means I haven’t gotten to your submission yet. Rest assured that I respond to everything I receive (even if it’s months later), so you’ll know either way! If your work is no longer available, please let me know!

Update on VB Press

  • How’s the Anthology Going? Fantastic. As I’ve mentioned to many of the poets who’ve written in to check up on me and the press, there are just a couple more hoops to jump through until the anthology will be ready. I wanted to get it up for Christmas time, but corresponding with over 90 poets on their work has taken up a lot more time than I anticipated.
  • I will say this: the anthology has turned out great. The work in there ranks among Vita Brevis’ best, and I can’t wait to get it out on the market to debut Vita Brevis Press

Update on the Editor

If you’ve been reading Vita Brevis since the start, you know I used to provide pretty detailed weekly updates about readership statistics, magazine expansion plans, and notable events in my life. Things got too busy to keep that up, but here’s a quick one:

  • Vita Brevis has quadrupled in popularity over the course of a year, and it’s widely linked to and discussed by major publication indexes.
  • Vita Brevis has published over 500 poems, and plenty of other resources about publication opportunities.
  • Though I’m not currently taking book inquiries, Vita Brevis Press will expand outside of anthologies to publish work by emerging poets and writers. It will feature very high editorial standards, and I’ll probably publish very few works a year. The particulars are still being worked out, but I’ll keep you informed on this

On the personal side of things:

  • I’ve begun a great project and friendship with a NASA aerospace engineer who has asked me to work with him on a series of essays and a book he’s writing regarding a theory he’s worked on over the past year. We’ve been casually brainstorming for about a year now, and I’m excited to play a more central role in his work moving forward.
  • Things are going well on the freelance writing front, and though I mainly work with businesses or ghostwrite for CEOs, I’ve been working on a few articles that some great publications have expressed an interest in. I’ll keep you updated on this.
  • I moved during the holidays, and my girlfriend, our Husky, and I are all loving the new place — almost as much as I’m enjoying my new home office.

Here’s to a great year of writing, reading, and publishing.

Your friend and editor,


6 thoughts on “Updates for the New Year

  1. Thank you for the update Brian, and thank you for your continuing support of all the poet’s and readers who follow your fabulous Vita Brevis magazine….

  2. Thanks for the update Brian. Congratulations!! on your achievement and wishing you more in the New year.So excited for the upcoming anthology and good to know that its coming along so well.

  3. It is an absolute joy to watch your journey. I am so glad that I have gotten to witness Vita Brevis and how you have grown it. Keep on dreaming and taking action to create all that makes your heart sing. I can’t wait for the new anthology. Happy 2020.

  4. Happy New Year, Brian! Thank you for the update. It has been wonderful seeing Vita Brevis grow, and I am grateful for your support. I’m so pleased all is going well with you, and I can’t wait to see the anthology!

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