Two Yokes – A Poem by Ted Bernal Guevara

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Poetry by Ted Bernal Guevara

I’m moving slower now

I’m flying closer to the sun

Still, I tuck you
in my young arms,

the embrace they mimic
of every man’s pursue

of Helen. Or Clytemnestra,
her twin from all burden.

She does not puzzle fling. She’s more
my type

in this
evening of moons.

The rain on her face
I’ll wipe gently. Yours

is in my soul, dry from any case.
I’ll be at your tender.

The two are
just an egg.

About the Poet

“I am a freelance writer from Speedway, Indiana.  Although I delve in an array of themes–always looking for the unusual—I tend to adhere to the plight of the disabled, the helpless, their “profound richness,” as I mention in one poem.” – Ted Bernal Guevara

5 thoughts on “Two Yokes – A Poem by Ted Bernal Guevara

  1. To Walt and maybe all, the poem is just a description of a past relationship. Helen of Troy was free-spirited, and she had twin, Clytemnestra, who was completely the opposite. The speaker is reminiscing to what he may have preferred of his wife. But he observes the danger in the lateness of his wish because the past, well, remains unchanged.

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