Trees at Night – Poetry by Judith Capurso

John Constable – Study of the Trunk of an Elm

Rooted always in one place,
trees have time
to think about things.
They understand eternity
as they pass through the seasons,
as they create the seasons.
Words mean little to them.
Small, cyclical acts in unison
and deep movements
in rhythm:
their slow and careful life.
They grow, even in moonlight.

About the Poet

Judith Capurso writes and works in the Catskill Mountains. In and out through daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, waitress, librarian, teacher, caregiver, script reader, poet, and archivist, she continues to “stumble along between the immensities.”  Her work has appeared in the ARAS online poetry portal; Psychological Perspectives; the Earth/Psyche issue of the Jungian Society of Scholarly Studies; and Vita Brevis’ 2019 Anthology, “Pain & Renewal”.

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