The Silent Hours – Poem by Clinton P. Meleton

Poetry by Clinton P. Meleton

Before the dawn breaks,
still nighttime to most,
few sounds to shatter the sleeping silence
save the whispers of the house,
the sighing of the walls,
the creaking of its old lumber bones.
Quiet now.
Let those within continue their slumber
lest they awaken unseasonably.
The morning comes quickly enough.
Give the silent hours their rightful time.

About the Poet

Clinton P. Meleton lives in Shreveport, Louisiana with his wife and their cat. He works for a nonprofit that aids in disaster relief and enjoys reading and writing poetry in his spare time.Attachments area

2 thoughts on “The Silent Hours – Poem by Clinton P. Meleton

  1. This poem uncovered a personal reverence I didn’t know I held until I read “Quiet now.” I felt myself hushing inside, hushing to the fatherly voice shrouding the house and guarding peace. Loved it. A favorite!

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