The Night – A Poem by Ann Tardiff

The Morning After the Deluge – JMW Turner

Poem by Ann Tardiff

The night oozes a pale artificial light

That breeds and gathers and leaps off the ground,

Only to slither under my door at midnight

To wish me goodnight. Dreamers, unsound,

Gather fat, fat, thoughts to crystallize,

To shove into green bottles,

That get sent north to advise

The tumbleweeds waiting for Aristotle.

Eyes grow awake and dilate.

A camera zooms. Neither see

Pink sea foam and words that fail to participate

In the rustle of a slimy memory.

Black meets iris. The night leans forward to consider this:

Our roads- though rough- are endless.

About the Poet

Ann Tardiff is a graduate from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She now resides in Los Angeles and works at Television City. Ann is originally from Seattle and often travels between California and Washington.

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