The Cello – Poem by Gabriela M.

Poetry by Gabriela M.

i play the cello in the old streets
walls open wounds inflicted long ago
imaginary lovers contort in the air
and on my bow the grief of others

i swallow tears and i play
the pain of those who cannot walk the streets
immersed in ecstasy and solitude
with all my sufferings
the walls i greet
till you’ll come out
and you’ll throw
a petty dime
right at my feet

About the Poet

Gabriela M. is a US university professor and the author of three novels. Her poetry was published by Spillwords Press, STRAW #zine a London based magazine, Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine, and Vita Brevis. Her poem “come back to me” was included in the anthology America’s Emerging Poets Southeast Region (Z Publishing House, December 13, 2018).  You can find more of her work here.

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