Seeds – Poem by Mary Shay McGuire

Poetry by Poem Mary Shay McGuire

But what can I say?
John was the happiest guy
stopping his truck, chatting
on and on about
how his yard would be
wonderfully overrun
with Morning Glories
everywhere he said

spreading his arms
he told me how he found a gold
ring as he mowed the lawn
and once, yes, when he opened
the hood of his truck
a rabbit jumped out
and one summer day
he gave me larkspur seeds
do you understand
how many years ago that was?

suddenly this spring the larkspurs bloomed
an outrageously violet- purple
“look-at-me” gorgeous spires
smelling softly sweet
blooming so many years after John
drove to the woods
took a gun and blasted his head open

About the Poet

Mary Shay McGuire lives and writes in central Pennsylvania. She graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with an MFA and taught there. She has published numerous poems and also creative nonfiction and is in the process of compiling a chapbook

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