Revisit: A Poet’s Guide to WordPress: Essential Tips

How to Publish Poetry on WordPress

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The Technical Side of Putting Poetry on WordPress

Poetry and WordPress — it’s a match made in heaven. I struggle to think of a better spot on the internet where sharing poetry, receiving feedback, getting published, and growing a following is so neatly packaged together.

What makes this possible is WordPress’ embedded community and search engine feature (known as the Reader). It gives your poems a shot at being viewed immediately, which is much better than being buried beneath millions of Google results, waiting for someone to happen upon your website.

And it helps that there’s such a vibrant community of poets on here. Resources, publications, competitions, and writing prompts abound. But just because you press “publish” doesn’t mean that your poem will get as many views as it could. WordPress doesn’t treat all posts equally.

Every day I see great poetry dive headfirst into the void–if the poets are lucky, their posts will get a view or two, maybe even a “like”, before it’s gone forever. Some people do this for months and wonder why their site still has so little activity. Some for years — before they either give up or decide that that’s just how WordPress works.

And that’s why I’m writing this. Because that isn’t just how WordPress works. Your work doesn’t have to go unnoticed. It is worth reading. And there are many poets out there who would love to follow your site — but, in many cases, they haven’t been able to see it!

That’s why this week’s resource will cover a few simple but powerful tips about publishing poetry on WordPress. It’ll help you maintain a higher rank on the Reader, get more eyes on your work, increase your following, and share your poetry with a little bit more of the world.