We Went to Camps Bay – Poetry by Jack Phillips

Norman Rockwell – And the Symbol of Welcome is Light

After the passing
of a cloud
the sunset untied
It’s rich head of hair.

We jumbled into the back
of her BMW convertible.
A laughing, sunglassed
knot of languor,
legs and luxury.

Rusty, fruity sunset beams
licked the lewd body
of our skating, purring car,
and bit her brunette hair-
dappling it with plums.

Lavender-lit little homes
with clean windows like the sea
staring at the foot of the mountain
in ambitious reverie.

People in pastel-pink shorts
are drinking colorful drinks
our car thrusts its neon tusks
into its black, wet streets.

Now a little drunk
on the sunshine
on our happiness

I see a woman
with child and sign:
“Food please. God bless.”

About the Poet

Jack Phillips is a student studying philosophy and history in Cape Town, South Africa. This is the first time he has been published, not the last. He enjoys reading and the blues.

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