Anne Carson – Poetry by Ann Pedone

The Blank Page – Rene Magritte

I bumped into Anne Carson when she was
on her way to Bendel’s. I pulled out my pocket dictionary
and asked her why the entry for “sky”
was a blank space. She mumbled something
about Baudelaire and the relationship
between Jacques Brel
and The Oresteian Trilogy.
I couldn’t really follow.
I nodded politely and left for
the park. When I got to the park I looked up
I looked up at the sky and
pulled the dictionary out of my pocket
and threw it against a tree.

About the Poet

Ann Pedone graduated from Bard College in 1992 with a degree in English
Literature. She has a PhD in Chinese Language and Literature from UC Berkeley. Ann’s work has recently appeared in Comstock Review, Adelaide, Apricity, Birmingham Arts Journal, and Cholla Needles (forthcoming.) She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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