From this Desert – Poetry by Robert Funderburk

Childe Hassam – Rain Clouds Over Oregon Desert

A cloudless day holds no promise,
all earth etched in temporal clarity.
Night gives a glimpse of eternity,
that snow-clad land
beyond the burning stars.
Rain, my rarest friend here,
turns back demands of day,
whispers peace with its cool, grey breath.
You are the clouds, the night.
You are the rain.

About the Poet

Robert Funderburk is the author of seventeen published novels, including one national bestseller; twenty poems accepted by various literary journals (a few not yet published) and one short story published by Blue Moon Literary and Art Review.  He is a retired parole officer, living with his wife, Barbara and a neurotic Schnoodle, Gracie, on fifty acres of wilderness in Olive Branch, LA.

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