I Find Me in Unusual Places – A Poem by Dorinda Duclos

Vita Brevis Poetry Magazine Submit Poem

Submitted by Dorinda Duclos

I find them in the most unusual places
Little pieces of me I must have left behind
I wonder why they stopped where they did
How they settled in the forgotten cracks
Was it on purpose, or was it I no longer cared?
The particles of my life I chose to leave
Not wanting to be remembered for what was
Rather, what is, and what lies ahead
A glance in the mirror shows a different face
I battle the days when age is not a number
But a feeling, of weary bones, and creaky joints
That one cannot forget about, for another day
As I amble down the hallways, through time
A cobweb, seemingly misplaced inside
Makes me wonder if the spider, too
Has left behind her pieces, in forgotten webs
While she moves on, to find what lies ahead
And as I sweep away the remnants of her creation
I can’t help but wonder, did I sweep away
Another part of me, too…

About the Poet

Dorinda Duclos is a writer of poetry, sharing her life experiences through verse.  Along with 13 published books, she is also the author of the blog, Night Owl Poetry.  A wife and mother of two, Dorinda makes her home in northern New Jersey, surrounded by wildlife, and nature’s beauty, all inspiration for her poetry.

Photo Credit: Caravaggio’s Narcissus

23 thoughts on “I Find Me in Unusual Places – A Poem by Dorinda Duclos

  1. Which parts of ourselves do we retain, and which do we intentionally, or subconsciously, neglect? And is it a matter of vanity? Or sanity? Ironically, perhaps it’s a matter of self-preservation

  2. Reblogged this on Night Owl Poetry – Dorinda Duclos and commented:
    I am honored, once again, to have one of my poems published in Vita Brevis! Many thanks to Brian for finding this piece worthy of gracing his literary publication! 🙂

  3. Dorinda, losing myself here and there along the way has not always been a sad happening. It is sad only when my vanity takes over and sets me straight about my present reality. This is a heartfelt poem you shared with us.

      1. Dorinda, that would be an odd feeling for sure.
        We do leave pieces in so many places especially where there has been a lot of emotions and entanglements in relationships, or any place we were so involved with. Ah, my goodness, why does our mind play games with us.

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