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Status: CLOSED (Deadline: December 31 January 31)

Vita Brevis Press is accepting submissions for its latest poetry anthology. This anthology will feature work from emerging and established poets, and it will be available in print and digital formats.

Our first anthology was a new release bestseller on Amazon, getting the work of over 100 poets international exposure. You can read it here. This new anthology will be significantly longer, and it will be marketed to even more readers.

For a complete submission & publication timeline of the latest anthology, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Poetry Guidelines

Title: Brought to Sight & Swept Away: A Poetry Anthology About Time

Theme: Time. This is a very broad theme that is up to your interpretation.

Central Quote:

All that is harmony for you, my Universe, is in harmony with me as well. Nothing that comes at the right time for you is too early or too late for me. Everything is fruit to me, Nature, that your seasons bring. All things come of you, have their being in you, and return to you.

Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current; no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and another takes its place, and this too will be swept away.

Marcus Aurelius

Submit Your Poetry Here:

Submissions are now closed. You can still attempt to send in your work, but we cannot guarantee that there will be room in the anthology for it. To submit your poetry to the latest Vita Brevis Press Anthology:

  1. Collect six poems that match the theme of TIME: It’s a very broad topic, and you have complete creative freedom here. Vita Brevis loves subtly, so poetry explicitly pondering the nature of time isn’t a great fit. Also, make sure you look over our Terms and Conditions. I always give you the rights to your work.
  2. Compose an email:
    • To:
    • Subject Line: Anthology Submission
  3. Include the following information:
    • Your author or pen name.
    • A third-person bio shorter than 60 words.
    • Up to six poems in the text of an email or a PDF.

Anthology Timeline

STAGE 1: Open Call for Submissions (October – December January)

  • During this period, poets can send in their submissions

STAGE 2: Proofing Accepted Poems (February – March)

  • During this period, poets will be notified of acceptance or rejection
  • Final revisions to bios and poems will take place

STAGE 3: Market/Publish the Anthology (April)

  • During this period, the anthology will be marketed and published

Vita Brevis Press is a small publisher dedicated to emerging and established poets. Beyond publishing anthologies and other literary works, it is home to the Vita Brevis Poetry Magazine.

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