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Vita Brevis’ New Poetry Community!

You may have noticed the new link in the menu bar: “Poet’s Cafe”. Seeing that Vita Brevis has amassed such a large poetry community, I figured it was best to give everyone a place to call home!

So, welcome to the Poet’s Cafe. It’s not much yet, but, just like Vita Brevis, we’ll make it into something great. Here’s what it looks like:


What Can I Do at the Poet’s Cafe?

You’ll notice that there are three sections right now: Poetry Swap is where you can self-publish your work and receive feedback from the community–but also where you can give feedback to others (hence the “swap”). Get Published is where you can find new publication opportunities like contests and magazines to submit to–and where you can leave “leads” for your fellow poets. Finally, What to Read is where you can promote your poems, chapbooks, and blogs, talk about great reads by others, or just look for suggestions about what to read next!

*Update: There’s now a “Cafe Conversations” section where you can leave useful insights and advice for poets*

It also features a “reputation” system, so the more active you are in the poetry community, (by making posts and replying to others), the higher your reputation score, ranking you up. This lets other members see how influential you are at the Cafe, and it will let you know if someone is brand new, so you can give them any help they might need.

I’m In! But How do I Get Started?

  1. Head over to the Poet’s Cafe
  2. Click “Register” and Fill out the form
  3. Head over to your email and verify your account
  4. Enjoy the Cafe!

I’ve already made sample posts in two categories so you can see the type of posts that will typically be made there. If you have any questions, just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!

Thanks for all of your support so far! I hope this new tool provides you with even more opportunities

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19 thoughts

    1. I hope it’s as useful a tool as I think it will be! The Vita Brevis community will no doubt make recommendations to make it even better

    1. I saw that! I’m glad this is taking off so quickly. Thanks for making the first post!

    1. I’d love to have you aboard! Once you register you can post or reply as frequently or infrequently as you’d like–even if it’s just copy and pasting a poem and waiting for feedback

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