Old Snow – Poetry by Christopher Brooks

Vincent van Gogh – Landscape with Snow

Old snow, 
gritty, pocked with footprints
and scraps of litter, marked
by dogs with brown and yellow,

has lost the charm it had
while drifting through the sky
like mystery.

A few piles will persevere ‘till spring
in shaded nooks, under rocks and porches,
hard, sooty, and forlorn.

Old snow,
no one loves you anymore.

About the Poet

Christopher Brooks has been a professional violinist his entire life, grew up in Brooklyn; lived in Spain and the Netherlands, currently lives in Lancaster, PA. His father was a free-lance historian; he grew up in a house filled with books.  Rhythm, rhyme, and form are important elements of his work; He tries to avoid the obvious, but rather to entice them out of the material organically. Brooks’ new book Bemused: poems written after dark is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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