John DeLorean at St. Patrick’s Cathedral – Poem by Karl Miller

Poetry by Karl Miller

John DeLorean at St. Patrick’s Cathedral – April, 1967
One day, during my lunch hour, I saw John DeLorean walking toward St.cJoseph’s niche. (I recognized him from articles in the Journal and the Times.) Seeming preoccupied, he hurriedly went to light a candle, paused for a moment in front of the carved wooden statue, crossed himself with his eyes closed intensely then went out the massive bronze doors.  I walked up afterward to pray, surprised at seeing none of the candles lit.  Apparently, he didn’t notice the wick hadn’t caught.  His suit was very elegant, though, and tasteful cologne still lingered thinly in the air after his failure.

About the Poet

Karl Miller’s fiction and poetry have appeared in various periodicals including Galley Sail Review, Mudfish, Cold Mountain Review, and others.  His play, A Night in Ruins, was produced Off Off Broadway; “Elena,” a novelette, was published in 2018.  A Best of the Net nominee, Miller lives in Coral Springs, FL.

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