Insteps and Ankles – Poetry by Sterling Warner

Agim Sulaj – Shoes

Fragile, boney feet bare
themselves to the world,
face countless trials along
life’s rock-strewn road
protected by a proud pair of
single-strap leather sandals
laced like Hermes’s talaria
crafted by Hephaestus,
perfect for draining aquatic
incursions: leaping from lakes,
launching boats, or freely fishing;
buffalo-hide pads safeguard
shielded, calloused soles,
ten toes—knotty manicured nails
kick up dry dirt, sludge through mud,
stride along sandy shores,
practically moon walk on water
like Jesus on the sea of Galilee .
confidence creating contentment;
clearly, Greek sandals rule, owners
ready to entertain in 21st century
coliseums, defying city lions
arming themselves against
mindless multitudes of crass,
contentious, corporate gladiators—
fleet-footed fighters pushing
forward—triumphantly accepting
victory’s successive laurels in
Niki’s notable name.

About the Poet

Sterling Warner: A Washington-based author, educator, and pushcart nominee for poetry, my works have appeared in many international literary magazines, journals, and anthologies such as The Flatbush Review, Street Lit: Representing the Urban Landscape, the Atherton Review, Metamorphoses, Stardust Review, and the Scarlett Leaf Review. Warner also has written several volumes of poetry, including Rags & Feathers, Without Wheels, Edges, ShadowCat, and Memento Mori: A Chapbook Redux., Currently,Warner spends his time writing, wood working, and salmon fishing.

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