I Tell My Friend Who Wants to Drown – Poetry by Karen Gonzalez-Videla

Jennifer Bartlett – Woman Drowning

to take a deep breath

and dive underneath

the crashing waves

of the ocean

around her

to let cool currents

brush against her

arms until the

scars stop throbbing

to dig underneath

sand piles with

open fingers

and when they brush

against a small clam

to grab it

take it to her chest

and clasp it

to keep holding her

breath until her fist

loosens and drops the

clam back on the sand

and then

I tell her to

look at the foam

forming above her

climb back to surface and

let the breath out

About the Poet

Karen Gonzalez-Videla is an undergraduate student at the University of South Florida. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Creative Writing, and she loves combining these two passions in her fiction. Although she writes about a variety of subjects, she focuses mostly on the immigrant experience and the exploration of one’s womanhood. She has upcoming work at Sidereal MagazineGhost Parachute, and Somos en Escrito

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