POETS: Open Call for Guest Posts

Guest post

These kinds of opportunities are unfortunately rare for poets. But let’s make Vita Brevis the ultimate poet’s resource — poems, interviews, guides, publication lists, and now your guest posts!

Why This Matters

For a little poetry magazine, Vita Brevis pulls in quite a lot of traffic. On average, I get a couple thousand views a week, and my articles often rank highly in Reader. Some are currently on the front page of Google. Your guest posts can get some of this attention, too!

Writing guest posts for Vita Brevis is a great way to drive traffic to your site. This will help you grow your following and get your content in front of hundreds of fantastic poets, too!

Better yet, I’ll optimize your article with trending SEO keywords so it ranks competitively on Google and other search engines.

What Kind of Guest Posts?

Anything that involves poetry. You can write about a famous poet, analyze a poem, write a guide to getting published, review a poetry book, talk about your style or techniques, your journey into poetry, the story behind one of your pieces–anything. Why not give it a shot? If nothing else, you’ll be contributing to the field that you all love so much.

Let’s do this! Check out the article submission page for more information.

2018_edited-e1532720266746About the Author

Brian Geiger is the founder and editor of Vita Brevis, a popular online poetry magazine, and Mental Life, a humanistic publication that merges psychology and philosophy. He’s currently studying to become a psychotherapist.


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    1. Thanks Walt! (And thanks for your editorial note: problem solved 🙂 )

  1. Hi Brian, I’ve been away on holidays (China), and have been a bit sick on my return, however I shall submit some works soon. Thank you for your reminder…..

    1. I hope you feel better, Ivor! Enjoy your trip the best you can–I’ll keep an eye out for your work!

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