Goodbye, Poet’s Cafe!

I’m going to have to take down the Poet’s Cafe forum until I find a better platform. Though I’m glad so many members have signed up for it, I think most people gave up on it after they recognized how cumbersome it was.

And it’s really cumbersome. The thing hasn’t worked for more than two days in a row without problems, and if I’m not providing constant maintenance, it will block posts, kick out poets, bar people from logging in, not work on mobile or tablets, and allow hundred of Russian bots to create fake accounts.

What a nightmare! Let’s just lay this one to rest for now. I’ll work on getting a better forum set up for the future, but in the meantime, I’m working on a very neat new project for Vita Brevis that I think a lot of you will enjoy.

Until then, the Vita Brevis community will continue to live on in the comment section of great poetry! I hope all of you are doing well.

Your friend and editor,

Brian Geiger


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          1. Thank you, Brian. In the limited world of WordPress and using pre-made templates – sometimes it’s just about finding the right template for your site!

  1. I’m sorry that the heard work and time you have put in the Poet’s Cafe has taken this turn but I;m sure that whatever you are working now would be fabulous and another gem for our poetry community. All the best Brian. Looking forward for it.

  2. The Vita Brevis family/community is alive and well because of you Brian. You have given so many of us a start. You have showcased our poetry, provided support and encouragement, given us wonderful advice about WordPress, so many other places to submit our poetry, best practices regarding submitting and rejection, and you have been an awesone friend and editor! I’m sure you will find the right platform for a forum and am looking forward to learning about your new project! ☺

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