Fly – Poetry by Carol Casey

Insects – Theodor Serverin Kittelsen

Fly at the window
mystery: goal visible,
but unreachable.
The unrelenting buzz
turns to percussion melody
high upon contact-
a scream of tiny insect angst-
mellows as the distance widens.

All that bumping must be tiring,
painful even
until eventually the fly moves on,
or dies.

Sometimes those are the choices.

About the Poet

Carol Casey lives in Blyth, Ontario, Canada. Her work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and has appeared in The Prairie Journal, Sublunary Review, Plum Tree Tavern and others, including a number of anthologies, most recently, Tending the Fire and i am what becomes of broken branch. Facebook: @ccaseypoetry; Twitter: @ccasey_carol; Website.

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