EDITOR’S CHOICE: September is like Egypt – Poetry by Marguerite Doyle

Rene Magritte – Sixteenth of September

EDITOR’S CHOICE AWARD: Bringing some of my favorite previously-published poems back to the front page.

September is like Egypt,
veiling peacock eyes.
She waves cobalt blue aside
with cold turquoise.

In July the sun sinks
reluctantly to sleep.
In June she hardly sets at all,
Aurora trailing after her.

But in September—
before dark November,
she drops down the garden wall
a gypsy’s shawl.

See the Nile at sunset—
beyond the riverbank
A Firebird’s plumage bright
plunging into night.

About the Poet

Marguerite is from Dublin, Ireland and is interested in exploring her native city and its surroundings as the poetic space. She has also travelled widely, and this influences her work. Marguerite graduated from Dublin City University in 2020 with an M.A. in Creative Writing. She received a Special Mention for her entry to the Desmond O’Grady International Poetry Prize in 2020.

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One thought on “EDITOR’S CHOICE: September is like Egypt – Poetry by Marguerite Doyle

  1. Lovely. I love how you circle the year, with subtle use of rhyme, with final rhyming couplet: rich imagery and it reads beautifully out loud.

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