EDITOR’S CHOICE: In the Mountains Near Elkins, West Virginia – A Poem by Karen Sandberg

Natural Bridge, Virginia – David Johnson

EDITOR’S CHOICE: Bringing some of my favorite previously-published poems back to the front page

Submitted by Karen Sandberg

two anglers wait for trout
in clear waters of Cheat River
they cast lines
sailing out silent
surrounding air trembles with thunder
I sip wine on the hot shaded deck
listen to the diners

paired as we once were
you would love this spot
overlooking river and mountains
so soon after your death can you see me
I visit with the pretty bartender
who plans to marry the chef
her delight makes me look for you
the anglers look for trout
lines out silent

About the Poet

Karen Sandberg lives and writes in Minnesota, watching the seasons unfold, traveling in search of alternate scenery.  She has been published on Vita Brevis, Freshwater Journal.


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