Grief – A Poem by Cynthia Pitman

Rembrandt – A Man Seated in a Room

Submitted By Cynthia Pitman

dedicated to Kevin Nagle

Outside, a smoke-brown hummingbird
flutters by the feeder,
then floats on the cold wind
to a spindly stick of a branch,
strung sparse with wintered leaves,
in the gray San Francisco fog.
Inside, we mourn.

About the Poet

Cynthia Pitman began writing poetry again this past spring after a 30-year hiatus. She has since had poetry published in Vita Brevis, Right Hand Pointing, Adelaide Literary Magazine, Ekphrastic Review, Literary Yard, Amethyst Review, Postcard Poems and Prose, and Leaves of Ink. She has had fiction published in Red Fez and has fiction forthcoming in Saw Palm: Florida Literature and Art.

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