Chimayo, NM – Poetry by Sara Gober

On the winding orange-dirt paths of Chimayo,
I waited for an epiphany that never came

Like I might be the next Moses in tattered Converse
leading the exodus through the American Midwest
I heard people make pilgrimages in their bare feet here,
and I kind of doubt my feet would carry me that far,
and so thanklessly

I waited to hear the whisper of God
and heard the clinking of rosary beads instead
heard the wind whispering to the trees
and the relentless thrumming of blood in my veins
that, even on my worst days, does not stop

My grandma said, you can always hear God
if you know how to listen

About the Poet

Sara Gober is an undergraduate student and military spouse in Eastern North Carolina. She is currently pursuing her associate’s degree, and plans to pursue her BA in creative writing shortly after graduation. Gober is a lifelong writer and lover of poetry, and hopes to make it a career one day.

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