Belmont Remembered – A Poem by Geoffrey Heptonstall


Submitted by Geoffrey Heptonstall

Here is more than simple earth
and less than a claim to heaven.
We name this as elsewhere,
there to step upon the sacred site
of the ocean’s origins, a spring
in innocence so naturally wild,
raising the question with no answer
across the low water strand
because life will last forever
as surely as the sea returns.

About the Author

Geoffrey Heptonstall has a published novel, Heaven’s Invention [Black Wolf] 2017.  His recent poetry has appeared in The High Window and Poetry Pacific and is about to appear in Nine Muses and Optimum. His recent essays have appeared in Fiction Southeast and Montreal Review. And his recent fiction has appeared in Fiction Week.

Photo Credit: Boats neat the Beach at Asnieres – George Seurat

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