Alpha to Z – Poetry by Aida Bode

Gustav Klimt – Flower Garden
Fragrances are daughters of the wind
roaming through time,

sowing themselves inside a memory
blooming like dandelions
in days that have
no special moments, but fleet
inaudibly to suddenly
sprout with the past’s aroma

reminders of nothingness,
carelessness and afternoon’s breath

bread with salt and olive oil

pretentious reading
that eavesdrops on radio static;
not noticing that freedom has a face

I have seen it sigh breathing out the dust
of hopeful lives that settle on its bosom

the ground remains open
for the living, the dead
and the observant.

                We all dig it. 

About the Poet

Aida Bode is an Albanian poet and writer, whose works have been published in a variety of online and print English and Albanian publications. She’s authored/translated a novel, two poetry volumes, and a quotes collection. Aida holds a MA in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. Aida is a Pushcart Nominee.

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