Transient – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

Poetry by Ali Grimshaw

Stalled on the bridge
not yet here or quite there
I look back to all I have built
what still stands and what is
no longer in service.

In hope that others will use these spaces
be thoughtful about repairs.
That tall one will need a new roof.
Some may be too weathered to save.

Pausing on the bridge
between here and yet to arrive.
I observe the open road
of what could be built
where bare hands join for strength
like the harmony of shade trees
resolve that one alone cannot possess.

I lean on the railing
the water of time rushes beneath.
No longer who I was.
Not yet who I will become.

About the Poet

Ali Grimshaw is the author of the poetry blog, Flashlight Batteries. She contributes to the world as an educator, life coach and a poet. Her poems have been published on Poetry Breakfast, Vita Brevis, Ghost City Review and Amethyst Review.

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