A Short Hiatus!

Due to some pretty significant changes in my life, I’m putting Vita Brevis on a short hiatus! Don’t worry — everything is ok. It’s actually great. But I won’t be able to post and manage the website for about a week.

Get to the point, Brian! Alright, so I’m going to power through some submissions over the next days and schedule them about a week or so down the line. This will help me build a backlog of posts and free up some much-needed time on my end.

Why? As some of you know, I’m a freelance writer. I’ve begun working with some really great new clients, and that takes a lot of hard work and a lot of time + research. It’s a big step forward, but that coupled with university obligations means I need to make a few changes!

In short: expect a few days without poems, and then a lot of days with a lot of poems (but a temporarily unresponsive editor)! I’ll try to manage comments and activity the best I can, and you can ALWAYS, always, always reach out to me via the submission email with personal or professional messages. I always love hearing from you all.

Thanks for understanding!

Your friend and editor,


13 thoughts

  1. Thank you for taking the time to explain. That is so thoughtful. Writing and reading take a lot of time–I know–that’s why I haven’t been around much. Good luck with all of your projects, Brian!

  2. Good for you. You are one busy guy. Absolutely take care of your educational needs foremost. And congratulations on your new writing work. We aren’t going anywhere.

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