A Lost Shade of Blue – Poetry by Misky Braendeholm

Edvard Munch – Young Woman on Shore

She says blue
comes from
Straight up from the sea. 

Sticks itself on the sky,
where rain
falls blind from heaven.

Like blind justice. 

She stares at me with
those sun-bleached
blue eyes. 

There’s a bible on her lap,
but she says it’s 
Gone With The Wind.
Words squeeze between her teeth, 

God remembers everything, girl. 

And she remembers
being a teenager,
her hair gleaming
from Castile soap, 

she wore
white pleated skirts
sailor-collar tops. 

remember childbirth. 

Nor marriage.
Or if it’s Tuesday. 

But she knows that
today is Outside Day. 

Tucked up in a chair.
Fresh pine-sharp air.
Sunshine off a breeze. 

Fresh air.
Does you good,
like what blue did
for California, she says.

About the Poet

‘Misky’ Braendeholm lives in the UK surrounded by flowers, grapevines, and the rolling hills of West Sussex. She never buys clothes without pockets. Her poetry is published by Waterways: Ten Penny Players, Right Hand Pointing, and Visual Verse.

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