12.14.18 – Poem by John L. Stanizzi

Poetry by John L. Stanizzi

3.33 p.m.
43 degrees

Passerby – that’s what I am here, walking sacredly,
obsolete, knowing less and less, passing a host of sparrows,
numinouse abbots watching over that bit of open water that
draws reflections into itself, quiet inside quiet, Matryoshka dolls of quiet.

About the Poet

John L. Stanizzi is author of Ecstasy Among Ghosts, Sleepwalking, Dance Against the Wall, After the Bell, Hallelujah Time!, High Tide – Ebb Tide, Four Bits – Fifty 50-Word Pieces, and Chants.  His poems have appeared in Prairie Schooner, American Life in Poetry, The New York Quarterly, Blue Mountain Review, Paterson Literary Review, The Cortland Review, Rattle, Tar River Poetry, and many others.  Stanizzi has been translated into Italian andhiw work has appeared in many journals in Italy. He has read at venues all over New England, and his newest collection, Sundowning, will be out later this year with Main Street Mag.  Stanizzi teaches literature at Manchester Community College in Manchester, CT and he lives with his wife, Carol, in Coventry.

2 thoughts on “12.14.18 – Poem by John L. Stanizzi

  1. A most reflective and peaceful piece. Enjoyed it very much — thank you! Maybe remove the terminal “e” from the word “numinous?” Wouldn’t affect the beauty of the poem any; guess I’m just a neatness freak; sorry if I’m being a jerk. It’s a lovely poem, that’s all that really matters!

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