The Vita Brevis February Competition (OPEN)

Description: Send us the best poem you can write, under 300 words!
: March 5th. Results announced by March 10th.
Rewards: First Place: $15 (USD) Reward

How to Submit:
Compose an email to:
Make the subject line: Monthly Contest #2
Include: an author/pen name, a link to your blog, the title of your submission, the content of your submission, and your PayPal email, so we can send you the reward. For security reasons, we will only use PayPal.
And tell us how you’ll support us: (1) you can follow us, (2) make a blog or social media post about this Vita Brevis contest, linking to our homepage, (3) leave a thoughtful comment on one of our posts to support our poets(4) Buy us a coffee here(5) Or do nothing–that’s fine too!
By submitting, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions (found here)



Holiday Poetry Competition [Here are the winners!]


January Competition: [Here are the winners]


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