Monthly Poetry Contest Winners!

The results are in–thanks for all of your submissions. It was a close call, but here are the winners. Check out this months competition–another $15 reward for first place!



Beyond the Reach of Time, Ann Christine Tabaka

Black crow

sings a song

unknown to man.

Forest awakes,

answering back.


Vestiges of life

fall from the sky

like winter snow.

Existence comes into being.


Dawn bursts forth,

day enters.

Stars blink their goodbyes.

So it is said, so it is done.


The guardian steps forth

as light emerges.

Time lapses …

Burgeoning worlds converge.


The sky is alive.

I hear his song.

Black crow flies off,

Beyond the reach of time.



Fervency, Jill Lyman

What would I know
if I fell, naked,
into the grass
and did not get up for days?

What would I taste
if I waded, bare-armed,
through the cold stream
and did not drink for years?

What would I dream
if I swam, web-footed,
over the volcanic mountains
and did not inhale eternity,

that dangles between each
collision of pulse beats.



Tangier, Alicia Fernández

Late at night, it pops up:
Tangier – says your email. Tomorrow.

I check the results of the Catalan referendum
and picture you walking
down the winding alleyways of the souk,
your skin damp and salty.

The sound of your voice,
loaded with morning,
is fading from my memory.

I cross The Headrow swiftly in the rain
but miss my bus all the same.

You smile at a beautiful stranger.
You lift a sachet of spices to your nose.


Announcing Holiday Competition Winners!

Announcing the winners of our 2017 Holiday Competition:



Christmas” by Frank Hubeny

Three days ago the Sun dropped to its low.
Depressed with deeper darkness we can’t see
Beyond the poverty of blinding snow.
We hesitate, stiffened breathlessly,
Unmoving, fearing failure when we’re free.
Today a waking, tender hope appears.
Soon melting ice will wash the ancient tears.



Christmas Card” by Sarah Russell

My third Christmas,
Dad pulled the armchair
in front of the tree.
I sat on Mother’s lap
with my favorite book.
Her gold crepe dressing gown
had fake leopard lapels.
I wore a nightie with flounces
and ribbons. Dad set up
the tripod and flood lights,
focused the Argus C-3.
Mother began to read.
I nestled so close
I could hear her heartbeat.
She got to the part,
“More rapid than eagles
his coursers they came,…”
Dad had his shot,
turned the flood lights off.
Mother shut the book,
nudged me off her lap.



Remembrance by Ken Allan Dronsfield

Flowing grace, waving in the breeze like crowds at a ball game.
Back-lit with colored lights and silvery tinted strands of delicious
tidings of joy. Branches swayed in unison to gusty williwaws whilst
the blinking and chasing lights danced their favorite minuets.

Greetings cards adorned the fireplace mantle and stockings
hung patiently waiting for the great man to finally arrive.
Mom’s favorite chocolate chip cookies graced an oval plate,
a glass of milk with napkin and carrots for Rudolph.

Those memories are burned into every fiber of my being. Even
the scent of the pine incense burning in a holder on the old desk
igniting the atmosphere of hopes and dreams for a young child.
A toboggan in the corner, skis’, colorful packaged gifts all about.

The laughs, the giggles, the tears and jovial smiles. We’d run from
the house in the morning to check the roof for landing sled marks.
The mysterious visitor always kept silent and never revealed
his presence, except in the lovely memories left on Christmas Day.


Congratulations everyone! We received some great poems and hope to see your names in our submission pool again soon.


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Photo credit: Christmas tree #80″ daily paintings by Heidi Shedlock