Anthology Submission

Status: CLOSED FOR SUBMISSION (Deadline: End of October)

Vita Brevis Press is accepting submissions for its first poetry anthology. It will feature work from emerging and established poets, and it will be available in print and digital formats.

Featuring brand new poets alongside Pulitzer-prize winner writers, published authors, and Pushcart Prize-winning poets.

What to Know:

  • There is no reading fee.
  • It will feature new talent and established poets.
  • It will be divided in two sections: PAIN and RENEWAL.
  • It will be sold in print and digital formats.
  • It will be marketed to a wide community of poets.

Anthology Timeline

STAGE 1: Open Call for Submissions (September – October)

  • During this period, poets can send in their submissions

STAGE 2: Proofing Accepted Poems (November -Early Dec)

  • During this period, poets will be notified of acceptance or rejection
  • Final revisions to bios and poems will take place

STAGE 3: Market/Publish the Anthology (Mid- to Late December)

  • During this period, the anthology will be marketed and published


We prefer new work, but feel free to send poetry that has previously been published, so long as the right reverted back to you. As a note, Vita Brevis tends to favor traditional poetry structure over those with highly complicated indentations and line breaks, and we tend to prefer shorter poems (under ~30 lines). Scroll through our past publications to get an understanding of the Vita Brevis style.

For important dates, scroll to the bottom of this page.


  1. Collect up to six poems that match the theme of pain or renewal:

    Only submit poetry that clearly matches the theme of pain or the theme of renewal. If you have poetry that doesn’t match this theme, you can submit it to our online magazine. Also, make sure you look over our Terms and Conditions.

  2. Compose an email to:

    -) Send an email to
    -) Please make the subject line “Anthology Submission”

  3. Include the following information:

    1) Your author or pen name
    2) A third-person bio shorter than 60 words
    3) Up to six poems in the text of an email, a PDF, or a Word doc.
    4) Label each poem under either a “Pain” or “Renewal” theme

Questions? Leave a message here.

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