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Ars longa, vita brevis (art is long, life is short). This saying so moved us that it seemed only right to title our poetry magazine after it. It may seem strange that we chose Vita Brevis (life is short) as our title instead of Ars Longa (art is long). But this was more than appropriate. After all, the aim of our magazine is to publish work that shows a keen awareness of not only art’s beauty and longevity but life’s toils and finiteness. We want to revive the rich poetry that forms when art and the human endeavor collide.

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Brian Geiger


Brian is the editor of Vita Brevis, which he founded in December of 2017. He’s also a university student studying to become a psychotherapist, and in his free time, he’s a freelance writer for numerous publications and clients. Some of his personal publications can be found here.


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