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Rare Books Vita Brevis

The next chapter in Vita Brevis is here. Let’s protect history, enrich our connection with literature, and encourage a life well-read — in the Vita Brevis Rare Book Room.

Rare Books Vita Brevis

The RBR hopes to nudge the rare book world away from the aloofness of internet wholesaling and toward a more personal small-inventory, high-quality book experience. To get things moving, everything is 10% – 20% off. All sales come with tight, padded packaging, free US shipping, and a small typewritten letter.

Fall in love again, discover something new, and protect these pieces of history.

So far, it’s been a success. A young man bought a first edition Steinbeck so he could keep the book that changed his life safe and closer to his heart. Another reader brought an ornate Johnathan Swift copy into their library to enjoy those exciting tales in a richer way — and protect the aging book from insincere buyers and degradation in warehouses.

I can’t wait to grow the Vita Brevis collection and send some of literature’s greatest accomplishments to people who will cherish them. I’m trying to accommodate as many price points as possible while operating at the slimmest profit margins.

Thank you for keeping Vita Brevis afloat. This wouldn’t have been possible without you.

Your friend and editor,


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