~living in the city my mother grew up in – Taylor Franson

Cors Ardens – Nicholas Roerich

The statue in our town’s graveyard
Is supposed to cry at midnight
It’s not because of condensation
Like some would say
It is because
There used to be a second statue
If you meet my mother
You will love her
And sometimes you will feel guilty
For needing some time away from her
I take my time away
In the city she grew up in
Seeing her ghost
In the penny candy store
On the track
Where she could have broken any record
It wasn’t until I came here
That I realized how much I get from her
How much I am my mother’s daughter
When I have spent so long
Thinking there’s no way
I could have come from her
So I am here
Where my mother was
Seeing her in me
And me in her
Knowing her better
Taking some time away from her
And missing her
Missing my second statue

About the Poet

Taylor is a poet based in Logan, Utah where she pursuing a Master of Arts in creative writing at Utah State University while also competing as a Division I women’s basketball player. While basketball is her job poetry is her passion and she is always seeking for opportunities to become a better writer.

For the first time in nearly five years, Vita Brevis is closed for submission. Read the full story here.

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