Homeless Libertine – Poetry by Sterling Warner

Henri Rosseau – Sevres Bridge

Foundation piles beneath my soles
driven deep into the soil, cement & rebar
root their way sixteen-feet to bedrock stability,
like vertically fossilized earthworms.

Concrete slabs tip caps at bicyclists,
the evenly distributed weight load
provides an impeccable footing
for this place I will briefly call home.

Riveted & welded in intricate patterns
struts & bars painted rust proof lavender,
resilient steel girders hang heavy above
airy walls that define my gypsy freedom.

No permanent address, back to the wind,
my vagabond pup tent’s presently anchored
under a highway overpass, its open nylon doorway
facing a scenic cantilever bridge in the distance.

About the Poet

A Washington-based author, educator, and pushcart nominee for poetry, my works have appeared in many international literary magazines, journals, and anthologies such as The Ekphrastic Review, Street Lit, The Flatbush Review, Verse-Virtual: An Online Journal of Poetry, The Fib Review, Metamorphoses, the Atherton Review, and the Scarlett Leaf Review. Warner also has written several volumes of poetry, including Rags & Feathers, Without Wheels, Edges, ShadowCat,  Memento Mori: A Chapbook Redux, and most recently, Serpent’s Tooth: Poems. His first collection of prose, Masques: Flash Fiction & Short Stories debuted in August 2020.  Currently, Warner spends his time writing, wood working, and salmon fishing

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